Investor visa in dubai

Liquor or Alcohol License in Dubai – How to Apply & More

Alcohol consumption in Dubai is legal for non-Muslims, however, you need to have a valid alcohol license to purchase and consume. If you want to sell alcohol in Dubai then you have to follow certain rules & regulations. Having an alcohol license in Dubai provides legal protection and ensures that they are purchasing alcohol from […]

trade license renewal in Dubai

Documents Required for Trade License Renewal in Dubai

A trade license is an essential document for running a business in Dubai. A business needs to obtain a trade license to legally operate in the city. This license is necessary for various activities, including commercial trading, manufacturing, and providing professional services. Trade License Renewal on time is crucial for maintaining the legal status of […]

Home Business license in Dubai

Home Business License in Dubai – Things you should know before applying

If you are an entrepreneur in Dubai looking to start a business from the comfort of your own home, you will need to obtain a home business license. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to obtaining a home business license in Dubai, including legal requirements, setting up your home business, and operating […]

E-Commerce License in Dubai

E-Commerce License in Dubai – Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering what this E-Commerce license in Dubai is all about and how to get one for your business? Then this article is just for you. We have created this comprehensive guide for you to make you understand the need for an E-Commerce license in Dubai, how to legally apply and what activities you […]

Marine License in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Marine driving license in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious place for Entrepreneurs and Business owners. There are lots of getaway spots and activities to do in Dubai. One of the finest activities to do in Dubai goes boating or if you own a yacht you can hire a licensed person to drive or even drive for yourself if you have […]

Professional license in Dubai

Professional License in Dubai – How to apply and start Business

UAE Government issues 3 types of Trade Licenses for entrepreneurs to choose from for their Business activity. This Professional License allows foreign investors or Business owners to have 100% ownership of their company set in Dubai. There are no restrictions on operations that take place outside the country. Under this professional license Individuals specialized in […]

Apply for a Crypto license in Dubai

Apply for a Crypto License in Dubai

Start your Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai A cryptocurrency is an asset or token like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many such digital currencies. These are popular now in the market due to their decentralized regulation without the need of any single bank or government Investors can perform transactions using these cryptocurrencies available in the market. The […]

List of approved activities in UAE, Dubai

List of approved activities in UAE – License type

In UAE, to start a business operation, you need to acquire a trade license. Depending on the type of activity that your business is performing, the UAE government provides a license. There are 3 types of Trade licenses provided by the UAE, which are clearly explained here. Commercial License Professional License Industrial License Based on […]

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