Guide to open your Fitness Center in UAE

Guide to Open Yoga or Fitness Center in UAE

UAE is a nation that is working towards holistic development and well-being for its citizens.

The UAE government is aiming on enhancing the well-beingeing of its citizens by developing a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness by promoting activities like Yoga, Nutrition & Fitness centers.

The people in UAE are adapting fast-paced paced environment and they need some kind of holistic refreshment to themselves. Yoga & Fitnprogramsamms help them to find their inner self and promote a more healthy life. So if you are looking to start one in any part of UAE, then you need to follow the below Guidelines.

Permissions & Documents Required

To open a Yoga or fitness studio in any part of the UAE, you need permission from two different departments of UAE.

  • Approval from The GeneAuthorityorty for Youth and Sports Welfare
  • Approval from the department of health
  • Approval from the Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting committee (for gyms)

Steps to set up your Yoga or Fitness Center

Step 1 – Choose a name & Register your Trade name

The first step in registering your company is to choose a Name for your Business and make it registered. If you are planning to set up your branch, then the same name can be registered.

But if you are starting everything new, then you need to get your company name approved by The Department of Economic Development (DED). This is one of the crucial steps in registering your business because without this approval companies cannot acquire a Trade license for your business.

There a are few restrictions and measures to be taken while choosing the company name.

You need to apply for a professional license, which is one of the types of trade licenses issued in the UAE.

Step 2 – Select a location for businesses, to know which location best suits you, check here

Step 3 – Acquire your trade license

A license means to get permission from Government to perform some activity within the area specified by the Government. A person obtaining the license must follow the policies and regulations set by the government.

Step 4 – Set up your Fitness center or Yoga Studio

Now you have all the documents required for opening your studio or fitness center. By submitting the documents as proof, you can lease the area in the desired location and start marketing for your business.

Fees required to setup

There are multiple fees and procedures involved to start your own Fitness center or Yoga studio. The cost of the total setup might be somewhere around AED 40,000 depending on the multiple factors.

To streamline your business activities and income, it is always suggested to open a Corporate Bank account that provides special offers depending on the type of business.

This helps in maintaining records and provide more details on the VAT tax, Market fee by making your transactions transparent and easy.

Got more Questions?

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