Freezone vs mainland, what to choose for your business

Freezone Vs Mainland

If you are planning to start your company in UAE, then you need to choose the right area for your business. UAE has two main areas to start your company operation. FREEZONE & MAINLAND, You got to choose one between these two areas based on your type of Business activity.

Freezone or Mainland?

This is always a confusion for the Business owners, WHAT IS THE RIGHT AREA FOR OUR BUSINESS NEEDS? Which we will be explaining to you in detail step by step.

Ownership of the company100% ex-pat ownership, not required to assign any shares to local sponsorForeign Investor can now own 100% ownership of their companies located on the mainland (for limited activities)
ScopeFreezone companies can perform business inside and outside the free zones they locate. Also, they are allowed to do business worldwide.Businesses operating on Mainland can perform business all over UAE without any kind of restrictions
OfficeThere is no mandatory requirement for companies in the free zone to own office space.Businesses on Mainland need to have an office space of at least 140 sq. ft
VISAFreezone companies can take visas up to 6 numbers. But there are few restrictions on the same. If the number of visas is increased, then the office must be registeredThere are no restrictions on the number of visas to be applied for. The more the number of visas the bigger the office premises
Financial AuditThe requirements for performing audits in Freezone companies differ with jurisdiction. Few free zones require companies to perform a yearly auditBusinesses in Mainland companies are made compulsory to perform financial audits.
Capital InvestmentFreezones are managed by their authorities, so the capital requirement differs from Freezone to freezoneThe capital structure is most commonly determined by the Legal structure.
ApprovalsAs free zones are managed by their authorities, the approval is taken within them.Companies on Mainland need to get their business approved by various government bodies like the Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Labour, etc.

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