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Investor Visa in Dubai – A Detailed Guide

Dubai, a city that symbolizes progress, advancement, economic growth, and high living standards, is a sought-after destination for individuals seeking work and residence opportunities. With its constant developments and technological advancements, Dubai has become a prime location for investors and entrepreneurs alike. The Investor Visa in Dubai is an effortless pathway toward obtaining a Dubai residence visa.

According to Emirates News Agency – “Dubai’s annual real estate transactions have crossed the milestone of half a trillion dirhams for the first time in 2022”. That means it’s a golden opportunity for New investors.

Among foreign investors and entrepreneurs, the UAE, particularly Dubai, is a preferred destination for business expansion. This preference stems from Dubai’s pro-growth approach, where policies and regulations favor economic and social development. 

In this article, we will dwell on the rules, regulations, and other requirements for acquiring an Investor Visa or Partner Visa in Dubai. 

What is an Investor Visa or Partner Visa in Dubai?

The Dubai Investor Visa, also known as the Dubai Partner Visa, is a non-immigrant visa category designed for foreign investors seeking to establish their own businesses or invest in an existing one in Dubai. 

To apply for this Investor Visa in Dubai, you must meet the minimum investment requirements that are set by the UAE Government and choose between applying for an Investor or Partner Visa based on your investment amount. 

The rule implies that Business partners who contribute AED2 million (approx. US$544,484) are eligible for a 10-year visa, which provides free UAE travel and the flexibility to own and live in a business in Dubai. This option is ideal for investors who wish to establish their business presence in the region and have a long-term commitment.

The Dubai Investor Visa is valid for 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years allowing you to sponsor family members and domestic workers.

Difference Between a Partner and Investor Visa in Dubai

DifferenceInvestor VisaPartner Visa
LocationBoth Mainland & FreezoneOnly Mainland Company
Local SponsorNo Requirement for a Local sponsor  Requires a Local Sponsor
Legal StructureCan Own or Hold shares in Existing Businesses or start your Own BusinessBusiness Setup must be more than One Shareholder and usually a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Types of Investor Visa in Dubai

There exist 4 Types of Investor Visas in Dubai:

Five-Year Entrepreneur Visa: 

This Five Year visa is for entrepreneurs planning to establish their business in Dubai. By acquiring this Visa you will be granted the freedom to travel within the UAE and the flexibility to reside and own a business in Dubai.

To qualify, you are required to present a business plan and make a minimum investment of AED 500,000 (approximately US$136,123) in a startup based in the UAE.

Ten-Year UAE/Long-Term Investor Visa or Dubai Golden Visa: 

This is more like an Investor or Golden Visa. If you want to make Investments in UAE Businesses & Infrastructure then this is the Visa you will have to apply for.

You can apply for this visa if you either have AED 10 Million deposited in any company or set up your own company with a minimum capital of AED 10 Million.

Company Investor Visa: 

Company Investor Visa is also the same as the above two Visa types that we have discussed, however, If you are looking to invest in or start a business in Dubai, you have two options: Dubai’s mainland or free zones. 

To start a business in Dubai’s mainland, you previously needed a local partner or agent, but recent changes have allowed for complete foreign ownership of companies. 

This has opened up new opportunities for foreign investors who can now own a company without a local partner, provided they invest a minimum of AED 72,000. 

On the other hand, starting a business in one of Dubai’s free zones does not require a local partner or sponsor, and foreign nationals can have full ownership of the company. 

Real Estate Investor Visa: 

If you have an eye for real estate properties and want to bag some profits, then Real Estate Investor Visa will be right for you.

For this Visa, you can choose between 2 year, 3 years, or  5 years renewal time. For 2 years Investor Visa, you need to invest in a real estate property for at least AED 750,000 or more at the time of application.

But for 3 years and 5 years, you have to hold investments in properties for a minimum of AED 1 Million and AED 5 Million respectively.

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Investor Visa

Other than the above criteria mention you need to have the below qualifications as well to apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai

Benefits of Investor Visa in Dubai

  • Opportunity to Live and Start a Business in a New Country
  • Pathway to Permanent Residency or Citizenship
  • Access to Better Education and Healthcare
  • Tax Benefits
  • Diversification of Investment Portfolio
  • Access to a Larger Market and Pro-Market
  • Higher Standard of Living
  • Improved Business Opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Contributing to the Local Economy

Documents Required for an Investor or Partner Visa in Dubai

  • Past 6 Months’ Bank Statement
  • Establishment Card or Immigration Card of the Company
  • MOA documents with your name and designation mentioned 
  • A photograph with white background
  • Passport Copy
  • Existing Visit or Tourist Visa copy
  • Trade license copy
  • Application form for Investor Visa
  • Canceled Old Residency Visa copy

How to apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai?

There are two ways to apply for this type of visa: through new company incorporation or by presenting proof of existing investments. Here’s what you need to know about each method.

Start a New Company

One of the easiest ways to get an Investor visa in Dubai is by registering your own company in the Dubai mainland. 

This allows you to become the owner or shareholder of the business, depending on its legal structure. To apply for an investor visa through a new company, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Register your company with the Dubai Economic Department (DED).
  • Apply for your company’s establishment card.
  • Apply for your entry permit to the UAE if you’re outside the country, or undergo an in-country status change for your visa if you’re already in the UAE.
  • Undergo a medical test.
  • Apply for your Emirates ID.
  • Obtain suitable health insurance coverage.
  • Get your investor visa stamped in your passport.

To complete the process, you’ll need to submit the documents mentioned above to the Dubai immigration department, including a Local Service Agent Agreement (for sole proprietorship). 

Note: If you already have an existing employment or Dubai residence visa, you must cancel it before applying for your investor visa.

Processing Time for Investor Visa in Dubai

Processing time for this type of visa is usually around 15-20 working days, which includes the time needed to register your business, obtain your trade license, apply for your visa, and have it stamped in your passport.

Proof of Existing Investments

The second way to obtain an investor visa in Dubai is by presenting proof of your existing investments in Dubai to the Dubai Municipality. This option does not require you to incorporate a new company. 

If your request meets the UAE government’s eligibility requirements that we mentioned above, then the Dubai Municipality will compile a file for you with the Economic Department, which will then assign you a reference file number.

Using this number, you’ll receive a coveted NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Dubai Municipality. This certificate will need to be presented to the immigration department in order to apply for your Dubai investor visa.

Please remember, the decision to approve or reject your request lies solely with the government agencies that assess your eligibility.

Cost of Dubai Investor Visa

The cost of an investor visa in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE can range from approximately AED 1,000 to AED 13,000, depending on various factors such as the type of investment, location, and method of application. 

It’s advisable to consult with relevant authorities or visa application centers for updated and accurate information on the cost of obtaining an investor visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I bring my family with me on an investor visa in Dubai?

A. Yes, you can sponsor and bring your family with you on an Investor Visa

2. Can I work on an investor visa in Dubai?

A. No, You cannot work with an Investor Visa.

3. Can I apply for citizenship with an investor visa in Dubai?

A. No, The citizenship criteria are different in Dubai, but you cannot apply using Investor Visa.

4. How long does it take to process an investor visa application in Dubai?

A. The process of an Investor Visa can take anymore from 3-4 weeks and depends on multiple factors.

5. Can I invest in any business to get an investor visa in Dubai?

A. To get Investor Visa, you need to invest in companies that are registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

6. How can I renew my investor visa in Dubai?

A. To renew your Investor Visa, you need to submit your renewal application with GDRFA –  General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

7. Can I apply for a long-term residency permit with an investor visa in Dubai?

A. Yes, you can apply for a long-term residency permit with an investor visa in Dubai.

8. What is the difference between a residence permit and an investor visa in Dubai?

A. With Investor Visa, you can live and work in Dubai. But with a Residence permit, you can only live but cannot work. To work you need to have a work permit.

9. Can I apply for a work permit with an investor visa in Dubai?

A. No, You cannot apply for a work permit with an Investor Visa.

10. What happens if my investment fails after getting an investor visa?

A. In case your investments fail, then there will be challenges while renewing your Investor Visa.

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