Mainland company formation in UAE

Mainland Company Formation in UAE

About UAE Mainland

Any location in UAE, which is outside Freezone is termed as Mainland. Companies formed in these locations are free to operate their business activities anywhere in UAE without the need for a local agent.

A Mainland company has to get its license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the relevant emirates of UAE.

Benefits of Owning a Mainland company

No Market restrictions

A mainland company in UAE has no restrictions on the trade performed. They can directly perform trade with the end customers.

No limits on VISA

The number of visas to be issued for a Mainland company is not limited to a definite number. The bigger the office space, the number will be the VISA.

Location Flexibility

A mainland company can start its operations anywhere in the UAE mainland. It is not restricted to the area.

Wide Activity

Mainland companies have a variety of services to offer to their customer. So there is no restriction to any particular activity frame.

Full ownership

UAE government have removed old implication on Mainland companies and allowed them to have full ownership of their company and it’s not required to have any local partner.

Types of Licences that a Mainland Company is offered

Professional Trade license

The UAE government requires businesses and entrepreneurs to obtain a professional license from the Department of economic development.

The objective of providing a Professional license is to establish that the Mainland business is qualified to provide services in certain professions. This Licence is compulsory to start a Mainland Business in UAE.

Industrial Trade license

Mainland businesses that involve in Industrial or manufacturing-based activities in the UAE must acquire an Industrial license.

To acquire this license, businesses have to provide documents to verify the activity. Further approvals from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of energy and Infrastructure, and other authorities are required along with DED approval.

Commercial License

Mainland companies dealing with buying and selling of goods and commodities require a Trade license to operate.

  • Businesses that need a Commercial Trade license
  • Communication Companies
  • Rental Transaportation services
  • Retail companies
  • Construction companies
  • healthcare businesses
  • real estate businesses
  • General trading entities

Steps to apply for Mainland Business Licence

1. Define your Business activity

2. Select the Legal Form

3. Register the Trade Name

4. Apply for approval

5. Submit Memorandum of Association & local agent agreement if any

6. Select location

7. Get government approvals

8. Submit Documents

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