Trade name registration in UAE

A complete guide for Trade name registration in UAE

Introduction to Trade Name

A Trade name is a name issued to a company for its operations. Trade name registration is mandatory for businesses that are planning to operate their business in UAE. The Trade name is usually registered with the Department of Economic Development.

Guidelines for choosing the Trade name in UAE

There are a few structural formats that need to be followed while choosing the Trade name to get approved by DED.

  • The trade name should be followed by the legal form of the company legal form (company name) LLC, EST, PJSC, PrJSC
  • Should not include words or names that violate public morals
  • to be compatible with the business operation
  • Should not contain any names of religion, government authority, or external bodies.
  • Should be the registering for the very first time
  • Icons are not allowed in the Trade name
  • Can include the First name of the owners, but not include the last name alone
  • The trade names should not include words like “Universal”, “Middle East”, “International”
  • A trade name cannot be the same as an activity name
  • Should not contain the name of the country, or capital unless got the approval of the embassy
  • The fee for Trade name registration must be paid within 72 hours of the issuance of payment authorization

Trade Name registration process

The trade name registration process is simple & easy if all the above guidelines are followed.

To register your company trade name you need to fill out the application form of the DED and submit the required documents.

You can do it both online and offline in the UAE.

But while registering for Trade Name for your business, you need to be so sure of the documents that you are going to submit because most of the time, the documents might include license certificates that liaise with your activity.

So make sure to carry all the documents that are relevant to your business activity. If you are not sure of what documents or licenses are required and need assistance, you are always welcome to contact us, we will help you with the process of Trade name registration and company formation in the desired Freezone or Mainland location.

The cost involved in the Trade name registration process

  • Trade name registration process fees will be starting from AED 620 if the name is Arabic and the cost might be more or less the same in the country you choose to operate your business
  • But if you are looking to register your name in foreign language then the registration fee will be AED 2000.

Advantages of Registering Trade name in UAE

Trade name registration is the compulsory step in company formation followed by a few advantages

  • It lets you set up your company anywhere in UAE
  • Allows you to get benefits of UAE government
  • You can apply for a residency VISA if you are done with company formation
  • You will be a legally authorized person for the activities you are performing
  • Get more global opportunities

If you are planning to start your business activity in UAE and need guidance in documentation and expert advice on choosing right location for your business, you can whatsapp at +971508045640 or write us at

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