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Limited Liability Company in Dubai, UAE

The UAE is home to a diverse array of economic and cultural richness. 

Dubai, also promises a stable and supportive governmental process, economic activity based on robust sources of funding, along with friendly tax environment, and very favorable trade legislation.

A limited Liability Company is one of the most profitable & successful business models in Dubai giving access entrepreneurs to start their businesses with less capital and maximum shareholders of up to 50 without risking their assets.

If you are also planning to start your own LLC Company in Dubai, this article will give you the to start one with real-time information and data.

Benefits of Starting an LLC in Dubai, UAE

Starting your own LLC company in Dubai, UAE comes with a number of advantages both to the Business owners & their operations, here are a few which you need to kind in mind.

  • Can add up to 50 shareholders
  • Can trade anywhere in UAE along with GCC regions
  • Can apply for an unlimited number of work visas
  • Affordable and accessible process for registering
  • Broad Range of Business activities & Locations to choose from
  • 100% foreign Ownership is available

Cost of starting an LLC Company in Dubai, UAE

Ideally, the cost of forming an LLC Company can start anywhere from AED 25,000. 

However, the cost varies from Freezone to Freezone, and the number of activities is included in the license.

Documents required to start your LLC in Dubai, LLC

  • Passport copy(ies) of the Investor(s)
  • Passport of local sponsor (if required)
  • NOC if the shareholder(s) is working in a UAE Company
  • Copy of Emirates ID (if available)
  • Application form of registration from DED
  • Notarized Memorandum of Association from Public notary
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board Resolution
  • Power of Attorney (PoA)
  • For shareholders outside the country, Personal documents need to be attested and notarised from the Home country and re-attested at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
  • An attested tenancy contract(Ejari) for the office premises

Note: For corporate documents like MOA, AOA, PoA & Board resolutions, will not be attested by the Minister of Justice if they are translated into Arabic

Steps to register your LLC Company in Dubai, LLC

Here are the steps included in registering for your LLC. 

Step 1: Choose a Name
Step 2: Select a Location
Step 3: Select a Business Activity
Step 4: Submit all documents to the DED
Step 5: Get approval for chosen activities
Step 6: Obtain Licenses

Mandatory Formalities

  • Initial approval for the proposed Trade Name
  • Additional Documents & fee for Non-Arabic Name
  • Memorandum of Association Attestation & Notary Fee
  • Partner Visa (if required)
  • Tasheel Fee
  • Registration & Stamping for Company
  • Medical, Emirates ID, Office space, Status change & Health Insurance (if required)


1. What type of License can I hold for LLC?

There is no limit to the type of license you can hold for an LLC business entity. Depending on the Business activity you will be provided with a License. 

2. Do I need a sponsor to set up an LLC Company in Dubai?

If you are applying for a professional license or activities related to a professional license, then you need to have a sponsor. For Commercial activities sponsor is not required.

3. How long does the LLC Company setup process take?

The entire process for documentation, attestation & registration takes around 2-3 weeks

4. How much does it cost to start an LLC business in Dubai?

The cost of setting up an LLC company differs on the location you choose to operate. However, it starts anywhere near AED 20,000 without Visa

5. Can I run 2 Businesses under One LLC?

If you are having a license for professional activities and you want to start a new activity with your business that falls under a commercial license, then you need to register a new business entity.

If you are planning to start professional activity related to your current business then you can add that activity group to your existing license.

But you definitely cannot run two different activity businesses under one LLC license

6. Is LLC for Small Businesses?

Yes, there is no limitation for LLCs. You can run a Small, Medium, or even Large company under this LLC entity

7. Can an LLC Company own a property in Dubai?

Yes, your company can own a property in Dubai if they are located in the Designated Areas. You are not eligible to own property only if your company is located in International Jurisdictions.

Are you ready to start your Company in Dubai?

We hope that this article gave you a clear idea about starting your LLC Company in Dubai. 

The process is as simple as it is. But if you still have any kind of questions or need additional guidance on getting started with opening your LLC Company in Dubai, then make sure to Whatsapp us here or email us at

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