How to open a Bakery in Dubai

Step by Step Guide to Opening your Bakery in Dubai

Who doesn’t love food? Everyone does right?

Dubai is a place filled with food lovers. If you are into baking and love serving your delicacies, Dubai is the right place.

Whether it is a home bakery or coffee shop, if you love baking and want to serve others then we are here to help you set up your Bakery store in Dubai

Before proceeding with documentation, let us see How your business can thrive in Dubai.

Benefits of opening a bakery in Dubai

1. Choice of entity

Baking is an art. It could be done alone or with a team. So you get to choose any one type of legal entity in Dubai to set up your Bakery.

  • Sole proprietorship (100% ownership)
  • Civil Company (100% ownership with a local sponsor)
  • Limited liability company (51% owned by local sponsor & 49% owned by other partner or ex-pat)

2. Friendly locations

Dubai is a place for food lovers. Wherever you plan to set up your Bakery, that place is filled with food lovers. Every area in Dubai is filled with corporate offices and busy metro stations and people. They will surely grab a Snack and coffee before they start their day.

3. Low taxes

As you already know, Dubai is a tax-free planet. Depending on the volume of your sale, you will be subjected to VAT tax.

4. Profitable Growth

In business, everyone wants to grow. But in Dubai, growing is very effortless. Thanks to UAE Governments policies and updates. They are always in favor of ex-pats and businesses.

Since you understood the benefits of Opening your bakery in Dubai, now let us see the Permissions required to setup

Permissions required to set up a bakery in Dubai

To open your Bakery in Dubai, you have to provide the below specifications to Dubai municipality:

  • Entry & Exit points of the bakery
  • Space for cooking food
  • Storage or pantry
  • Ventilation system
  • The kitchen area must be Min 250 sq ft or 40% of the bakery location (whatever is bigger)
  • Fire precautions
  • The area should be Fireproof and washable.
  • Proper drainage and sewage system in place

The list and requirements depend on the area or building you choose to set up your bakery. To have a better understanding you can connect with our Business setup experts. They can guide you on how to arrange everything and make your process easy and save you tons of time.

Budget required for opening a bakery

The cost of opening the Bakery varies from location to location. Some locations are business-friendly and you might be required to pay more rent.

And, it depends on the number of people you hire, the equipment involved, and the furniture.

However, you need a budget of around AED 8000 (without a visa) for the registration and setup process.

This cost doesn’t include the cost of equipment, staff salary, or rent for the location

Documents required to open a bakery in Dubai

Now let us see the Documentation part for opening a bakery in Dubai

  • Decide on the Name and Register it
  • Get your trade name approved
  • Design the layout and sent it for approval to Dubai Municipality
  • Now prepare for MOA
  • Get the final Signatures from DED
  • Apply Ejari or tenancy contract and upload
  • Now submit all the documents to Dubai Municipality for inspection and approval.

Don’t get confused or overwhelmed with the above-mentioned process.

It might sound like a lot, but we are here to help.

Contact our Business setup experts, we will clearly explain you What to do and guide you through each step without any kind of trouble.

Now the bonus part of our service we also guide you through opening a Corporate bank account for your Bakery.

Are you excited?

Let’s make Dubai fall in love with your recipes.

You can call us at +971508045640

or write us at for an end to end business set up service in Dubai.

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