UAE New Visa types

List of UAE New Visa types and their requirements

The UAE government consistently works to entice tourists and investors to come to the nation and launch their careers in Dubai, the nation’s most booming metropolis. It periodically makes the necessary adjustments to its entry procedures and regulations to preserve that integrity.

The UAE government announced in April 2022 that the new VISA system would go into effect in September 2022.

This new approach intends to draw tourists and encourage ex-pats to live and work in the UAE. Making the nation investor friendly for high-net-worth foreigners is the ultimate goal.

The list of recent systems that the government has confirmed are now working is as follows:

1. Business Visa

Under this Visa type, Investors and Entrepreneurs can visit the country without the requirement of a sponsor or host for 60 days

2. Multi Entry Tourist Visa

This Visa type enables the tourists to stay for a maximum of 180 days without a sponsor.

To apply for this visa, the applicant needs to maintain a bank balance of $4000 (AED14700) or its equivalent in their currency in the last six months before applying.

3. Visit Visa to Relatives or Friend

If the applicant has a relative in UAE, who is a citizen or resident, then he/she is eligible to apply without any sponsor or a host.

4. Visa for Studying or Training

This Visa targets students who want to attend training, study specialized courses, and Internship programs.

This needs to be sponsored by Public and private sector Educational and Research Institutions.

A letter clarifying the details of the study or Training or programs along with duration needs to be stated to apply for this Visa.

5. Family Visa

This Visa type is in existence for a long time, but new amendments brought this into new.

Under this Visa, parents can now sponsor their

  • male children till the age of 25
  • Special permit for disabled children
  • Unmarried daughters can be sponsored for an indeterminate time

6. Job Visa

Applicants can avail of this Visa without a sponsor or host. However, they will be qualified if the following requirements are met:

  • A bachelor’s Degree Holders or equivalent
  • Fresh graduates of the top 500 Universities in the world
  • Individuals are classified in the First, second, or third skill levels, as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

7. Green Visa

This is a five-year visa, which allows the holders to bring their families without any sponsor or employer. This Visa is for skilled workers, Self employers, freelancers, etc.

The requirements of this Visa needs a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a Minimum salary of AED 15000

8. Golden Visa

Although Golden Visa is more popular in UAE, the government planned to expand its horizons to attract more quality investors and professionals for the long term.

A detailed list of professionals and individuals who are eligible for a Golden visa is provided here

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