Web design company in Dubai

How to set up a Web design company in Dubai

If you want to live in the UAE and have skills in web design and development, Starting a web design company in Dubai can be a captivating opportunity. But does it meet all of the standard requirements for launching any other business? What about taxes and rules?  The answers to these questions can be found […]

Construction company setup guide in Dubai

Construction Company in Dubai – Setup Guide

Setting up a construction company in Dubai is a challenge for many entrepreneurs. The city is steadily unfolding, with modern skyscrapers, malls, and residentiary complexes being built every day.  To be a part of this roaring industry, you require to have a license from the Dubai Economic Development.  This step-by-step guide will help you understand […]

Educational Institution in Dubai

Educational Institutions in Dubai – Setup Guide

Dubai is becoming a hub for new business every day. As a result, the city is becoming increasingly diverse, with people from all over the world coming together in this business center. Finding institutions that provide education for their children or family will be their priority. Schools, universities, and other learning centers need to be […]

Offshore company formation in UAE


Operating a business outside of one’s home country is referred to as having an offshore corporation. The phrase, which derives from the financial term “offshore,” refers to an investment or business conducted outside of the place of domicile. Offshore businesses in Dubai are distinct from free zone businesses. Due to the places they have chosen […]

llc company formation in dubai


Limited Liability Company in Dubai, UAE The UAE is home to a diverse array of economic and cultural richness.  Dubai, also promises a stable and supportive governmental process, economic activity based on robust sources of funding, along with friendly tax environment, and very favorable trade legislation. A limited Liability Company is one of the most […]

Marine License in Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Marine driving license in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious place for Entrepreneurs and Business owners. There are lots of getaway spots and activities to do in Dubai. One of the finest activities to do in Dubai goes boating or if you own a yacht you can hire a licensed person to drive or even drive for yourself if you have […]

Everything you need to know about Pet grooming Service Business in Dubai

Pet Grooming Services License in Dubai – Setup Guide

If you are a Pet groomer and love to groom different kinds of pets, then you are sure to have questions about “How to get started as a Business.” In this article we will clearly talk about the services you can offer as a Pet groomer, the License required Qualification, and other Business setup processes. […]

How to open a Bakery in Dubai

Step by Step Guide to Opening your Bakery in Dubai

Who doesn’t love food? Everyone does right? Dubai is a place filled with food lovers. If you are into baking and love serving your delicacies, Dubai is the right place. Whether it is a home bakery or coffee shop, if you love baking and want to serve others then we are here to help you […]

Professional license in Dubai

Professional License in Dubai – How to apply and start Business

UAE Government issues 3 types of Trade Licenses for entrepreneurs to choose from for their Business activity. This Professional License allows foreign investors or Business owners to have 100% ownership of their company set in Dubai. There are no restrictions on operations that take place outside the country. Under this professional license Individuals specialized in […]