Import and Export Business in Dubai Guide

Guide to Start Import Export Business in Dubai 2024

If you are planning to start an Import or Export business in Dubai, then make sure to read this blog post till the end. Before starting a business anywhere in the world, you need to first look into the Trade regulations of the country and the market size. In this article, we have provided everything […]

Dubai Work permit or employment visa rules and regulations 2022

Dubai Work Permit or Employment Visa Rules and Regulations 2024

A work permit, which will be provided by the employer, is required for ex-pats who wish to work in Dubai on a long-term basis. The employment visa regulations in Dubai and throughout the UAE are timely changed for the benefit of foreign nationals. You can discover everything about how to obtain a work permit, register […]

UAE New Visa types

List of UAE New Visa types and their requirements

The UAE government consistently works to entice tourists and investors to come to the nation and launch their careers in Dubai, the nation’s most booming metropolis. It periodically makes the necessary adjustments to its entry procedures and regulations to preserve that integrity. The UAE government announced in April 2022 that the new VISA system would […]

Apply for a Crypto license in Dubai

Apply for a Crypto License in Dubai

Start your Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai A cryptocurrency is an asset or token like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many such digital currencies. These are popular now in the market due to their decentralized regulation without the need of any single bank or government Investors can perform transactions using these cryptocurrencies available in the market. The […]

List of 10 Best business locations in Dubai

Top 10 Business locations in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fast-growing Business hubs in UAE. Businesses are rapidly growing in Dubai and many investors and entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing in Dubai. UAE Government is promoting Small, medium & large companies to develop the business sector. If you are planning to start your business in UAE, then there is […]

Guide to open your Fitness Center in UAE

Guide to Open Yoga or Fitness Center in UAE

UAE is a nation that is working towards holistic development and well-being for its citizens. The UAE government is aiming on enhancing the well-beingeing of its citizens by developing a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness by promoting activities like Yoga, Nutrition & Fitness centers. The people in UAE are adapting fast-paced paced environment and they […]

All about UAE Emirate ID

UAE Emirates ID

Emirates ID is the identity card that the government of the UAE issues to its citizens and residents. All residents and nationals of the UAE are required to apply for an Emirates ID. It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents to apply for one and carry it with them at all […]

List of approved activities in UAE, Dubai

List of approved activities in UAE – License type

In UAE, to start a business operation, you need to acquire a trade license. Depending on the type of activity that your business is performing, the UAE government provides a license. There are 3 types of Trade licenses provided by the UAE, which are clearly explained here. Commercial License Professional License Industrial License Based on […]

Freezone vs mainland, what to choose for your business

Freezone Vs Mainland

If you are planning to start your company in UAE, then you need to choose the right area for your business. UAE has two main areas to start your company operation. FREEZONE & MAINLAND, You got to choose one between these two areas based on your type of Business activity. Freezone or Mainland? This is […]

How to start a travel agency in Dubai

How to start a travel agency in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the best tourist attractions of all time. Dubai’s Infrastructure and buildings excite and bring millions of tourists to the UAE every year. If you are planning to start your travel agency in Dubai, you have made the best decision. With an increasing number of tourists, businesses will always grow without any […]